It was not just lewd it was obscene.

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I quickly re****ned my composure and began to subvert this little scheme of hers.

It was not just lewd it was obscene. The white fabric was practically transparent and my wife’s tits and ass were jiggling shamelessly with every move. All my wife’s naked assets were nearly on display to anyone who might see her dressed this way.


I quickly regained my composure and began to subvert this little scheme of hers. “I think perhaps you should reconsider this Gloria. That bikini is obscene. If it gets wet, everything is going to show right through. You might as well be nude!”


“Listen!” Gloria shouted back, ” I think I look pretty darn good in this suit. If you’re ashamed of me just say so! I want a weekend on Gale Island! I managed to get us invited, no thanks to you, and I’m going even if I have to go alone and buck naked!”


I said nothing. I retired to the living room and flipped on the TV. Before long Gloria was standing in front of me wearing a terry robe over her bikini and blocking the TV.


“I’m sorry I shouted at you honey.” Gloria said softly. “It’s just that I want to enjoy the same things that my friends do. I want to go to Gale Island for the weekend and if I have to put on this little show for Robert and his friends, who cares? If you really, really love me and care about the things I want you’ll back me up on this…okay baby?”


“It’s okay honey.” I reassured her “I want you to have your weekend. I guess I’ll go along with whatever happens.”


The next morning we were up early and off on the hour drive to Gale Island. We arrived at the address of a spectacular beach house. The foyer was huge with a big high ceiling, accented by an impressive sweeping staircase that led to the upstairs bedrooms. The great room featured a two-story oceanfront wall of glass looking out over the dunes and the sea. There was a beautiful patio deck surrounding a large built in swimming pool.


We were greeted at the door by one of Robert’s servants. He checked our names off on his guest list and showed us to our accommodations. Apparently we were to occupy separate bedrooms. The butler told us that this was standard practice for all of the “entertainment wives”. I gave Gloria a funny look but went along with the whole thing. In fact, after seeing the beautiful beach house, I was thinking that this might turn out to be a pretty good weekend after all.


Gloria and I changed into our swimsuits and met out on the patio with Robert and the other guests. As soon as we arrived Robert came right over to talk to Gloria.


“You look terrific!” he complimented enthusiastically.


“Doesn’t everyone think that Gloria looks great!” He held her by the hand and spun her around so all the executives could get a good look at my wife in her micro suit.


I thought that Gloria would blush with embarrassment. Instead, she seemed to revel in the attention she was getting. Robert escorted her around the pool area and introduced her to the male guests. All my wife’s female assets were nearly on display and she didn’t seem to mind one bit.


I decided to get out of there and take a walk on the beach. Once away from the scene I started to enjoy myself a little. Gale Island is indeed a beautiful place. There were plenty of women in tiny bikinis all over the beach. Some were even topless! As I walked along the surf I began to get more comfortable with the whole situation.


After about an hour I returned to Robert’s beach house. Gloria and another young sexy woman were in the corner of the pool surrounded by 3 male guests. All five of them were laughing and joking around. The other girl was blonde and topless her big tits were covered in tanning oil. One of the guys had his hand on my wife’s ass and was gently stroking it. She was offering no resistance as he openly groped her.


I sat in a nearby lounge chair. When Gloria noticed me she swam across the pool, climbed out, and walked over to where I was sitting. Now that her suit was wet I could clearly see her silver dollar size nipples and pubic patch. The suit was practically transparent! Gloria sported a huge smile as all the eyes around the pool watched her sexy tits and ass jiggle with every step.


She sat down next to me. “How was your walk, John?” she asked. “I missed you.”


“It doesn’t look like you missed me too much.” I countered “And besides, you look practically naked in that wet bikini.”


“No one else seems to care. In fact,” she said “didn’t you notice that Susan over there doesn’t even have her top on at all. I want to take mine off too. You don’t mind do you, honey? They have all seen my tits right through this suit anyway and Robert seems to like that. I want to make them happy and be sure we get invited back here. It’s okay right, if I take off my top and let your bosses have a little tiny peek at my boobies?”


Without waiting for an answer, Gloria untied her top and pulled it off. I couldn’t believe it! Here was my beautiful sexy wife topless in front of all my bosses, her big pink puffy nipples lewdly on display. The other men were all grinning as they prepared to feast their eyes on my wife’s full sexy tits. I was in complete shock.


My wife tossed me her top, turned around and went back to rejoin her new friends in the pool. Gloria whispered something to them and they all looked back at me and laughed.


I needed a drink. I went inside the house where there was a bar and fixed myself a gin and tonic. I ran into a programmer from another department at the company. It turns out that he is married to the topless blonde at the pool. He introduced himself as Susan’s husband, Tom.


Tom told me that they have been spending weekends here at Robert’s beach house since last summer. He told me that a few weeks after they started coming he got a big raise and a lot of extra stock options. He said that they have been invited back every weekend. Tom said that his wife loves acting out the “entertainment wife” scenario and all that extra money in the paycheck is pretty hard to give up.


I started asking him just what was expected of the wives and what these so called “ground rules” were all about. Tom explained that the “entertainment wife” was always a spouse of one of the younger technical personnel. She had to be young, good looking, and willing to submit to the sexual advances of the older executives. During the daytime she had to wear a tiny bikini or go topless. In the evening she was expected to wear a sexy and revealing outfit for the “entertainment” of the executives.


I asked him about the separate bedrooms and Tom told me that tonight the executives would have a little lottery to see which ones get to have sex with our wives. Each wife was expected to “entertain” two executives with sexual favors. Tom told me that his wife Susan was very popular and would sometimes have three or four guys. He also explained that it was customary for Robert to have the guy’s wife first and the guy’s boss to be second. The husband is only allowed minimal contact with his wife until Sunday.


The wives get to spend Sunday freely with their husbands and use all the facilities of the beach house as their own. The husbands get a fat raise, stock options, and free weekends in the exclusive Gale Island community. Tom said that it turns him on when his wife tells him of her sexual exploits with the executives so he really doesn’t mind the whole wife-sharing thing at all. In fact, he looks forward to these weekends and sex with his wife afterwards while she reveals the details of the previous evening.


Well perhaps Tom didn’t mind his wife having sex with these guys but I sure as hell didn’t want mine participating. I had no idea what to do or say. I decided to have another gin and tonic and go for another walk to think this over. I figured I would go along for a little while anyway and speak with Gloria before doing anything rash.


When I returned back to the beach house the party had moved inside. They were all drinking, laughing and talking. Gloria and Susan were still topless. My supervisor, Bill, was standing behind my wife with his crotch pushed into her ass. One hand was around her waist and the other was fondling her left breast. When Gloria saw me she broke away, excused herself and came over to talk to me.


“Is everything okay with you, honey?” She questioned.


“It’s not okay. But you’re obviously enjoying yourself!” I answered back sharply.


Gloria gave me a big kiss and pulled me into the next room where we could talk.


“John, I’m just doing this for us both. I may have neglected to tell you about some of the ground rules for being invited here.” She whispered. “But tomorrow we will have the whole day to ourselves, okay? Today I have to be nice to your bosses. Now remember that this was your idea to begin with. I need you to be understanding and back me up on this…. That is… unless you are too insecure to enjoy the finer things in life!”


Gloria reached down and started to rub my cock through my shorts. She started talking in her little girl pouting voice.


“I still love you, John.” She told me. “I’m just doing this so we can make more money and have the things we want like weekends at Robert’s beach house. Now you don’t really mind, all that much now right? I’m just going to let them touch me a little bit; that’s not so bad is it? After all I’m the one doing all the work … not you, right?”


I didn’t answer her. I just stood there. Gloria continued stroking my cock through my shorts and speaking in that little girl voice of hers that she uses to get her way.


“Susan told me that her husband, Tom, likes her to tell him about the things they do to her. Is that what you would like too? You want me to tell you about them touching me?”


Without waiting for my answer, Gloria went right into her description of the afternoon activities between her and Robert.


“Robert took me upstairs and showed me his big thing.” She confessed. “He said he wanted me to suck his cock the same way that I suck my husband’s.”


“But you’ve never sucked my cock.” I interjected.


“I know.” Gloria continued. “But you told him that I loved to do it, so I had to adlib. He pulled down his swimsuit and sat on the bed. I knelt in front of him and held on to his big cock with both hands. Oh John, his thing is huge!”


“He told me again to suck on it, so I leaned over and put the end of it into my mouth and sucked it just a little bit. I was scared. It looked so big compared to yours. Robert held the back of my head and tried to shove the whole big thing right down my throat. I wanted to gag but I just started sucking and sucking like he wanted.”


“Robert was playing with my tits and pulling on my nipples with one hand and he was holding the back of my head with the other hand and pumping my mouth. I just kept letting him do what he wanted and kept sucking and making noises. After a little while he started moaning. Then, next thing I know, he’s squirting his hot cum in my mouth and down my throat too! He got his cum all in my mouth and all over my face and tits!”


“You don’t hate me John, do you? I only did it for the both of us. Besides, you’re the one who told him that I liked to give oral sex. So, I figured you probably wouldn’t mind if I sucked on his big thing. John, tell me it’s okay that I sucked his cock.”


I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. Here was my wife confessing to having her virgin mouth plundered by this executive with his monster cock and she wants me to tell her it’s okay. On the other hand I was beginning to find the whole idea of this and her telling me about it kind of erotic. I was stunned and confused.


“I suppose it was okay.” I lied. “I just hope my other bosses didn’t notice.”


“Oh they ALL noticed.” Gloria confided. “Everyone watched us go upstairs to the bedroom and then come back down. I think I still had a little of Robert’s cum on my face and tits. Your supervisor, Bill, helped me clean it up.”


Oh great! I thought. Now everyone knows that I let my wife become the company’s slut. I bet Robert is telling them all that I like it too! I decided to keep quiet, ignore the situation, and try to preserve the little dignity I had left.


“All right, honey.” I consoled her. “Just go back to the party. We can talk later.”


“Then it’s okay with you if Robert wants me to suck some of the others too? You won’t be mad if I suck some of their cocks too?” Sensing my lack of will power for the moment, she pressed for a reply while still rubbing my cock through my shorts.


“Well what about me?” I answered back “What sucking my cock?”


“I can do yours tomorrow.” She answered quickly, happy to have come to a compromise. “Tomorrow I will suck your cock, John, and tell you all about the whole night.”


I reluctantly agreed and Gloria returned to the party. I decided that I was better off not seeing any of this. I left for the evening, found a local pub, and drowned my inhibitions in several gin and tonics. I woke up the next morning alone in my guestroom, with a big headache, and without a clear recollection of the previous night’s events.


While I was still lying there, Gloria came to join me in the bed. She was wearing a short transparent nightgown with nothing on underneath. Without speaking, my wife pulled back the covers, and straddled my face. I had serviced her orally several times in the past and just started right in. This time though, she seemed extra wet and sloppy. Her pussy had kind of a strange new taste to it or so I thought. I chalked it up to my hangover and dry mouth. I figured the change in her taste was just my imagination.


I licked my wife to two orgasms before she let me up for air. She climbed off of my face, leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. It felt incredible. The pleasure of my virgin cock being sucked off by Gloria was intense. She paused for a moment to look at me and speak in her sexy little girl teasing voice.


“Does that feel good John?” She asked while stroking my cock. “Do you want me to tell you now about last night … while I suck your cock for you?”


It felt so incredible that I was overcome. “Yes, tell me.” I answered breathlessly


“Are you sure?” she asked me in her teasing voice “You promise not to get mad?”


“I promise.” I assured her “Tell me about how you sucked their big cocks.”


Gloria continued steadily stroking my cock as she started her narrative.


“Well Robert came up to the room with me, we got naked in bed and I started sucking his big cock like you wanted me to. Robert was playing with my tits. Then he said he wanted to fuck me with his big cock. I didn’t know what to do cause I didn’t want you to be mad about him fucking me. But he wanted to feel his big cock in me, and then I wasn’t sure if you would mind. Is it okay with you if he fucks me, John?”


“No!” I answered flatly. “You never said anything about letting him fuck you!”


“Well Robert wanted to feel his big cock up inside me, and I wanted in there too. I thought you might be a little mad but then I figured if you wanted me to suck on it, maybe you wouldn’t be too mad if I only let him fuck me a little bit.”


I was getting upset now. Letting Robert fuck my wife was definitely over the line. Gloria, sensing my anxiety, leaned over and started sucking my cock with a passion. The pleasure of the moment caused my anger with her to subside. After a while she stopped sucking, resumed her steady strokes, and started talking to me again.


Gloria was using her little girl pouting voice as her stroking slowed down.


“I knew you might be mad, John, if I let Robert fuck me, so I decided to only let him fuck me a little, little bit. I figured if he just fucked me a little, you might still be mad, but not real, real, mad. He put his big thick cock up inside me and he fucked me for just a real short little while. It was just a little while so you wouldn’t be real mad about it. Is that okay? Tell me it was okay to feel Robert’s big cock fucking me just a little, little bit.”


It was puzzling to me how someone fucks another guy’s wife just a little bit. “Gloria, what do you mean by only fucking you just a little.”

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