Operating Shadowless Lamp manufacturers

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Operating Shadowless Lamp manufacturerOperating Shadowless Lamp manufacturerss

Operating Shadowless Lamp manufacturers Main Technical Parameters ModelMXLED500L Illumination锛圠UX)160000锛圓djustable锛?/p Color Temp锛圞锛?/p4300卤500 Dimming spot锛坢m锛?/p100鈥?00 Lighting Depth锛坢m锛?/p鈮?200 Intensity control1-100 Color rendering index CRI鈮?7% Color reduction index Ra鈮?7% LED Bulb Life Span锛坔锛?/p鈮?0000 鈻?Characteristic Ultra-long LED service life, up to 60,000 hours without replacing the lamp bead, 40 times longer than halogen lamp life. At the same brightness, leds use only one-tenth of the energy of conventional incandescent bulbs and one-half that of halogen bulbs. Imported LED cold light source without infrared radiation, nano coating radiator, create excellent heat dissipation effect. Using light emitting diode as light source, no temperature rise, no ultraviolet radiation, no stroboscopic. Perfect shadowless lamp effect, scientific radian focusing design, cleverly avoid the doctor's head and shoulder cover, to achieve the ideal shadowless effect and super depth lighting. Imported high performance lamp beads, efficient space layout, the energy saving effect under the same illumination is better than other international famous brands. Matters need attention: Maintenance 1. Replace the bulb Note: (1) when replacing the bulb, the 220V installed on the wall must be cut off first Power switch, to be replaced after the bulb cooling! (2) If the filter glass is found to be damaged, the factory should be informed in time to repair it. Otherwise, May cause tissue burns. First push the sterilizing handle lock hook with thumb and remove the hook Fungus handle, and then remove the light source system with a screwdriver, after making sure the bulb is cool, before Replace the damaged bulb. Note: Do not hold the bulb directly by hand, so as not to leave fingerprints on the new bulb. Affects the light source. 2. Clean the device After operating shadowless lamp is used for a period of time, dust will accumulate on the shell and lamp panel. Blood and body fluids must be cleaned.Operating Shadowless Lamp manufacturers website:http://www.mingxumedical.com/operating-shadowless-lamp/