Collected works of Lu Yao

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Original Title: Similarities and Differences of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic Down-the-Hole Drills

One day, a classmate in our dormitory suddenly lost a corn flour bun in his rice bowl. The classmate quickly reflected the matter to the teacher in charge of the class. Things soon spread in the whole class, saying that there was a "thief" in our dormitory. Needless to say, all the suspicious eyes fell on me again. Ah, as God is my witness, I haven't even seen that damn corn flour bun! I know that people suspect me for a certain reason: because in some people's eyes, stealing a trivial corn flour bun is probably something that only a starving ghost like me can do! The contemptuous look stuck in my heart like a needle, which made me feel depressed and uncomfortable even when I lifted my feet. And that, in turn, made some people more suspicious of me. Jesus Christ! Even I feel that I look like a thief with a guilty conscience in the eyes of others! People began to avoid me like the plague, and behind my back I became the center of their conversation. Later, even the students outside the class were pointing and talking about me. But who am I going to argue that I didn't eat that steamed bun with rice and flour! I can only defend my innocence in my heart. The most painful thing is that they all talk behind my back, and no one says that I am a "thief" in front of me, which is more unbearable than calling me a thief publicly. Every night,warehouse rack manufacturer, I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night, biting the corner of the quilt and sobbing secretly. At this moment, I really want to have a fierce fight with someone, so that I can get rid of my anger! And I do not know, at this time, someone suddenly reported to the teacher in charge of the class: I found the corn bun residue under my pillow! After hearing the reflection,Steel racking system, the head teacher took advantage of my absence and led several class cadres to check the "scene" quickly. It is said that there are indeed corn flour buns under my pillow. Damn, my name is about to be confirmed! But at the same time, someone also found that there were some buckwheat husks under my pillow, and when we checked carefully, we found that my pillow had been bitten by a mouse (I often fell down hungry and did not want to move, and never cared about my pillow). The matter finally came to light: it was the abominable rat who ate the corn flour bun here and bit my pillow. ***ing hell! If people are unlucky, even rats will come to spoil them! This is not the end of the matter. Some people outside the class who did not know the truth still heard the original legend, and they were not interested in this matter, so my "thief name" continued to spread among strangers. It is often the case in life that if a person is involved in a scandal, it is later proved that he has nothing to do with the scandal, Drive in racking system ,long span shelving, but his reputation is always damaged. I have been living in such an atmosphere for more than a month since I entered school. All this is simply unbearable, but I can only endure it in silence. I know that my personality has been trampled on like this, not because my conduct is not correct, but because I am poor! The pain has made me crazy. Where there is no one, my feet twist and kick on the ground, I fight with my fists against the walls, or I run and jump in the wilderness outside the city, or I hide in the deep valley of the mountains and howl like a wounded wolf! Ah, the hunger may be overcome, but the mental suffering of these creations is the most torturous! This difficult time, for others, may only be a difficult time in economic life, but for me, it is a difficult time both financially and spiritually. The time from dinner in the afternoon (I only bought a bowl of porridge) to going to bed at night is really too long, and people are often hungry. Hunger forced me to walk instinctively into the mountains. There are one or two drizzles around the county town, so the land is not as desolate as our hometown. See some green colors far and near. I was frantically looking for wild jujubes, wild vegetables, grass roots, and all the things that were not bitter to chew were swallowed in my stomach. If I happen to find a few wild sparrow eggs, it will be as happy for me as digging up gold ingots from the ground. I burned a fire with a dead branch and hurriedly buried these precious eggs in the ashes of the fire, but often I could not wait for them to be cooked, so I pulled them out and swallowed them. The solar term has come to autumn. Although the land is not very prosperous, it seems that there are still some harvests: melons, fruits and crops, some of which are ripe and some of which are approaching maturity. The allure of these things to a hungry man can be imagined. But I always swallow my saliva desperately, far away from these greedy things. I seek only wild plants to satisfy my hunger-and these things, like water and air, do not belong to anyone. Besides, I will never go beyond the limits! No, it won't! I have been looked down upon by people now, besides my innocence, what else do I have to support my spiritual world? If I really do something immoral because of hunger, not only others, but also myself will despise myself. When the sun was about to set behind the mountains in the west of the city,heavy duty racking system, wild vegetables and fruits had already filled their stomachs much worse. At this time, I was like a rich man who was full and drunk, walking back contentedly from the mountains on the outskirts of the city.