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Syringe factory 1. Vented or Non-vented Spike 2. Flexible Drip Chamber with Filter 15渭 3. 100ml, 150mlGraduated Burette 4. 60 Drops=1卤 0.1ml or 20 Drops1卤 0.1ml 5. Roller Clamp 6. Luer Slip or Lock Adapter with Protective Cap 7. Latex/Latex-free Injection site 8. E. O sterilization Non-toxic, non-Pyrogenic 9. Application: Gravity infusion, pediatric 10. With or without hypodermic needle. 11. OEM can be arranged. MaterialMedical PP+stainless steel 304 Volume1mL, 2mL(2.5mL), 3mL, 5mL, 10mL. ApplicationMedical FeatureDisposable