One mirror forgets the river.

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He fell on a woman and said to the smoke gl**** with an unsteady breath, "Don't go." "Childe, what do you

"What's the matter?" Evening frost rushed up, the back to block the gap, but the light overflowed, blocking here and leaking there. She looked around. "Third Sister, has anyone else found this?" Third Sister Hua covered her mouth with a flying eye and said with a smile, "What kind of treasure is it? If you can't hide it, you're not afraid to be missed." "Nothing, nothing," said Xi Shuang with a smile. "It's just a little thing ordered by the guests." Third Sister Hua's face almost stuck to her eyelids, and the tips of her fingers lightly scraped her cheeks twice, and the end of her eyes swept Han Sui beside her. Tianxiu Town is not a big place, and there is a special vigilance for strangers: "Are you stupid when you are the third elder sister? Your own people don't care about you. Don't let outsiders take advantage of you." Seeing Third Sister Hua off, Xishuang pressed her hands on the door. Han Sui held her hands in his chest and looked at her back stiffly with interest. "Good things can't be hidden. Are you going to spend it all the time?" "It's not a good thing." Xishuang took a deep breath and forcefully removed the door panels one by one. Strange to say, it is reasonable to say that the precious light that has just been desperately trying to overflow, at the moment when the sunlight comes in from outside, seems to be afraid to shrink inside, and then blink, leaving no trace. Han Sui could not help but raise curiosity: "So, even if someone broke in, also can not find its hiding place." "Yes, someone came in here." Xi Shuang turned sideways and showed Han Sui the traces on the ground. The very thin silver thread was broken and snaked to the ground. She sneered, "So what if you come in? Even if you rummage through boxes and cabinets, you don't have it." "What is it?" Han Sui's eyesight is very good, the corner of the shop to the end,glass cream jars, did not see anything special. Xishuang shrugged her shoulders and spread out her hands. "If I say I don't know what it is, don't think I'm lying." "Even you haven't seen it." "Han Sui slowly turned around, there is indeed something in the shop, can't see, can't hear, is unable to touch." Yes, I have. Xishuang's pupil suddenly contracted, she wanted to smile, the corners of her mouth unnaturally raised radian,30ml Dropper Bottle, "I've seen it a few times." Han Sui did not ask again, seems to be measuring her words a few points true a few points false. I haven't been here for two days. It's probably hungry, so it's mysterious. Xishuang scratched her hair hard. "I didn't lie to you. I'm telling the truth." What does it eat? Han Sui's expression was particularly dignified, and he should have thought of something. There are some remnants of the mirror soul in those broken frost mirrors. At first, I was worried that it would devour the finished product, but later I found that it only ate the remains. Xishuang opened the wooden box on the shelf and took a big step back. Han Sui still stood in place, the fundus calm and indifferent, looking at him out of the corner of the eye of the evening frost, feel that this person seems to have experienced too much, not enough to fear. In the wooden box is the mirror body which is usually broken, the evening frost gathers up, originally is not willing to discard, later discovered that can be used to feed, simply accumulated together. The curtain in the shop fell, the light outside could not come in, and in the darkness only the stars from the mirror were like stars that were about to fall before dawn, covered with a layer of ash. Light and shadow do not know where to come from, oil dropper bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, even Han Sui such eyesight can not capture the traces of each other's movement, just a blink of an eye, the dark color is still, the box is dark. Is it gone? Han Sui asked quietly, Xi Shuang was very close to him, and found that he did not even move his eyebrows, and he did not know whether he was happy or sad. I'm done. Xishuang went to the window and rolled up the paper again. "It doesn't have a big appetite. It probably won't show up for half a month after feeding these." "It doesn't have a big appetite." Han Sui turned to look at her with a half-smile. "Are you sure it's full?" "In the past few times, he didn't show up after eating, and I thought he was full." Xi Shuang looked at Han Sui's hand slowly raised, index finger pointing to the southeast corner, "where did you say it was?" In the southeast corner is a small stove built with the wet soil of Jingbo Lake after seven steaming and seven drying. When the evening frost is used to make mirrors, although there is the help of the original fire of the rosefinch, some of the mirrors are of unknown origin, and there are too many impurities in them. They need to be forged slowly with fire. After more than ten days of refining, they can be successfully restored to purity. So, this small stove is not used much, Xishuang quickly calculated, almost two or three months did not open, according to the time to calculate, and the day of the appearance of unknown objects consistent. Xishuang wondered, what on earth is this? In Tianxiu town, she has a small shop, dragging two children, even the rent can not be paid, a bad debt. Listen to the meaning of Han Sui, she raised as a dog and a cat for three months, is a little fierce guy. In the end how fierce, she can not say, can only turn his head, a face of innocent looking at Han Sui. This man is also a strange one. He seems to know too much. Where does he come from? If she asked, would he answer truthfully? Chapter IV Furnace Bottom Square Circle ? "It doesn't have a big appetite at the moment, so it's not a bad thing for you." Han Sui said easily, seeing the evening frost has been tight back slowly relaxed down, "it is better for you to pull out your own hands." Xishuang's eyes stare round, unknown things, let her use her hands to dig out! If she pulls out a monster, her fighting capacity is very low, which is not equal to dying in vain! "It's convenient for you to do it." Korea hence not going to let her go, chin a Yang, let her go to the southeast corner. Xishuang shook his head into a rattle. I still have two little guys to feed. I can't give my life to my shop. Han Sui found that her expression was really rich, so short a while, at least changed five or six kinds, vivid, so that her original plain facial features bright and soft up: "I will not harm you, right?" At this point, there is no doubt about the frost, Korea hence has been since the emergence of assistance. She pressed her forehead hard, as if thinking of a great event: "I said you were so kind, so it was for it!" " In this way, it is reasonable and reasonable. Han Sui smiled, his eyebrows with a grasp of the beard, in fact, can not see the smile,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but let the evening frost suddenly back a big step. The smile made her feel a little nervous, and it was definitely not goodwill. I can't move it. Han Suiping spread out his hands. "If you don't trust me, raise it for a hundred days and we'll see what happens." 。