Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

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"Is that right? Early in the morning, you quarrel like a shrew. Can you write the word" disgrace "?" Shang Yaomei

Talking Warcraft, very few, very few! And they've never seen it! It is said that talking Warcraft should have at least the level of holy beast! They have not even seen the Xuanshou, let alone the holy beast, which is no different from the legend for them! An emperor warrior, plus two holy beasts, they can only be killed! Thinking of this, the soldiers of the Eastern Tombs turned pale one by one, their legs trembled, and their eyes looked at Nalanjing with fear and fear. Their surrender did not mean that they were safe. Since ancient times, they had killed the soldiers. Think of the wife and children waiting at home, the elderly parents, one by one can not help but red eyes. Nalanjing's eyes were cold and arrogant like a demon God. His curly eyelashes and feathers drooped lightly. Finally, he slowly put away his sword. "I can not kill those who surrender, but you will be the people of Jingyue in the future. You must move your family to Jingyue. If you betray, you will die!" At this moment, the king's momentum roared down, the king came to the world! "Yes, yes." The soldiers of the Eastern Tombs quickly knelt down and kowtowed to thank them. Ouyang Mo Xuan completely dumbfounded, hold back the impulse to vomit blood, he brought hundreds of thousands of troops,coltan ore processing, were Jingyue country received? Just like that? This is not a war ah, this is clearly to send people! Chapter 262 domineering side leakage. "You are Emperor Jingyue?" When he heard Nalanjing's words, he used me instead of me, and he looked up at the white figure above in amazement. Nalanjing stepped down from the void step by step and landed in front of Ouyang Moxuan. His face was as delicate and handsome as jade. "Remember just now you seemed to want to catch my wife home?"? And let her follow you? "No.." No Ouyang Mo Xuan mercilessly swallowed saliva, this time to admit is tantamount to death, so firmly do not admit. It's just, does he think he can live in peace without admitting it? He underestimated Nalanjing's gnashing personality and jealousy. Heh. I'm not so stupid as to be hard of hearing. Nalanjing slowly forced forward,gold CIP machine, such as the demon-like breath emanating from his body, cold and terrible, Ouyang Moxuan fundus full of fear, he realized that he had provoked a terrible figure! "Bang!" Step on it without hesitation. Ah Ouyang Moxuan's face turned white and he let out a howl like killing a pig. The sharp pain from his body almost made him faint, but it was very clear in his mind. How can you covet my woman? Only give you a profound lesson this time, do not kill you, if there is next time, you will not be able to survive and die! Nalanjing snorted with a cold face. Nalanjing said, Ouyang Moxuan did not hear a word, at this time his mind only one idea, that is, he was abandoned! The root of his life is gone! He will never be able to be a man and a woman again! No, no! Under the attack of anger, Ouyang Moxuan spurted out a mouthful of blood and fainted directly with one eye closed. Everyone is a change in complexion, can not bear to look again, small gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, have turned too much, in addition to deep sympathy for Ouyang Moxuan, or sympathy. From then on, people also realized a truth, would rather offend Jingyue emperor, can not offend Jingyue queen ah! Nalanjing turned around and walked to Mu Qianyue's side. The sleeve of her white clothes was lifted lightly, and the blood on her face was wiped away gently. The cold breath of her whole body dispersed in an instant, and the coldness in her purple eyes turned into a little tenderness. Whoa! The audience is full of horror, shocked, Jingyue emperor actually to the queen ~ pet ~ love like this! Mu Qianyue raised her chin lightly and smiled, revealing her neat shellfish teeth. Handsome men and beautiful women look so well matched, such as a pair of wall people made in heaven, peerless. Then turned to look at the side, even in a coma can not help but twist a face of Ouyang Moxuan, the eyes are full of disgust, with his cowardly and cowardly appearance, also dare to think of Queen Jingyue? Although Ouyang Mo Xuan brought hundreds of thousands of military forces 95% have chosen to surrender, but he somehow has a few confidants, before the head of the general is one of them. After hearing Nalanjing say to spare their lives, he hurriedly picked up Ouyang Moxuan and turned to flee. Wait a minute. ” Behind her suddenly sounded the girl's cold voice, Ouyang Moxuan several people footsteps a meal, his face showed a look of panic, they will not want to go back on their words? For a moment, the faces of those people were even uglier than the black pot, and they almost cried. You go back to tell Dongling emperor, let him immediately roll to my Jingyue country to submit, otherwise I don't mind leading the two holy beasts and my Jingyue country's millions of lions, and my husband together to flatten your Dongling! The girl's voice was sonorous, and every word, like a thunderbolt, fell clearly into the ears of all the people. Crazy! What is crazy? This is really crazy! Overbearing! Simply domineering side leakage ah! All of a sudden people admire, Jingyue Queen is absolutely the most domineering and crazy one they have ever seen! Cang Ming and Xuan Ye two people's faces are deeply proud, at the beginning, they do not agree with Mu Shallow Moon, but as they get along longer, they understand Mu Shallow Moon more deeply, this world can be worthy of the master only mother! Hei Yu and Wu Hai's eyes are shining with excitement. This girl is really right for them! Unfortunately, the flower is taken, or a jealous demon! Ouyang Moxuan's trusted followers heard this arrogant words, almost one breath did not slow up, one by one look depressed, but considering the current situation, or obediently answered, "We will tell my emperor." Then, hurriedly fled. A battle with rivers of blood and corpses ended ahead of schedule. The people of Red Flame City were shocked when they learned that Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing were the emperors and empresses of Jingyue. Their eyes were red and they were moved to tears. For thousands of years, no emperor or empress would take the common people to heart,manganese beneficiation plant, and no emperor or empress would save them without fear of dirty and tired, go to the battlefield in person, or even help them rebuild their homes! Which of those emperors and queens is not superior to treat human life as worthless.