Craftsman Spirit-What are the technical advantages of Corning Reactor?

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Original Title: Craftsman Spirit-What Are the Technical Advantages of Corning Reactor? For more than 160 years, Corning has developed products and processes that have created new industries and changed human lives, based on its expertise in special glass, ceramics and optical physics. Corning ® Advanced-Flow ® reactors provide customers with cost-effective solutions, dedicated engineering support, and over 160 years of materials and process expertise. The Corning ® Advanced-Flow ® reactor is designed to seamlessly connect chemicals from laboratory feasibility to process development to industrial-scale high-volume production for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and hazardous chemical production industries. Corning reactors consist of carefully designed fluid modules that integrate heat and mass transfer and reaction processes in a single modular device. They can improve the efficiency of chemical process and the quality of target products, thus reducing the fluctuation of process efficiency d and reducing production costs. Since 2002,wiped film distillation, Corning Reactor Technology has applied for more than 400 patents worldwide, approved more than 110 patents, and granted more than 1000 "rights protection items" in patents. Corning's microreactor product line covers the requirements of the whole process from R D platform to industrial production. How does such a "subversive" innovative product get industry recognition and customer trust in quality control and application? When choosing chemical synthesis reactors, one of the most important concerns of customers is the material used to make the reactor. Non-metallic special glass and special silicon carbide materials have excellent chemical corrosion resistance,cbd centrifugal extractor, which are ideal materials for chemical synthesis reactors, especially for pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. It is not enough for a good work to have good materials, but also need exquisite reactor processing technology. With more than 160 years of expertise in glass and ceramics, Corning has built an outstanding line of Corning reactors. The Corning Glass Reactor Module is a "sandwich" structure that integrates reaction and heat exchange. The unique Corning heart-shaped structure patented design, Corning's special temperature-resistant and pressure-resistant glass and ceramic materials, and multi-functional integrated platform are the best choice for laboratory process development and small batch products. Expand the full text Corning Glass Reactor Module Corning Carbon-Silicon Ceramic Reactor selects special silicon carbide ceramics: super corrosion resistance, jacketed glass reactor ,thin film distillation, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, super good thermal conductivity/electrical conductivity, ultra-low thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and strong service life. The cold and heat resistance, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance of Corning silicon carbide ceramic reactor are far superior to those of similar products. The special non-metallic material of silicon carbide used by Corning has been used in the harsh conditions of space to ensure a long life. Corning Reactor has a strict quality control system: GED, which strictly complies with ISO14000 and SELO specifications. Every module and every reactor of Corning Reactor has undergone strict quality inspection and recorded. If the module is damaged for any reason after leaving the factory, Corning will be responsible for recycling and investigating the cause of the accident to ensure the reliability of Corning's product quality. Corning Reactor Technology has a complete customer service satisfaction system Corning listens to every voice of customers, takes every comment and suggestion of customers seriously and strives to respond in the shortest possible time. All employees of Corning from top to bottom are ready to answer any questions of customers at any time, regularly carry out various lectures and training, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality services to customers with full enthusiasm. Corning reactor technology has been recognized and certified by professional organizations in the application process: EU T TÜV PED certification: China Special Equipment Manufacturing SELO Certification: American ASME certification: EU ATEX Explosion Proof Certificate (LF, G1, G2, G3, G4) FDA Compliance Certificate; cGMP Support Material ISO 14000 "Technological innovation is fundamental to social progress," said Dr. Jiang, Corning Greater China Innovation Officer and Global Business Director of Corning Reactor Technology. Continuous innovation, continuous improvement of quality system and strong after-sales service are the purpose of Corning's service market and customers, which is also the reason why we firmly believe that the technology of micro-channel reactor with high efficiency, intrinsic safety and intelligent manufacturing can br e you a new experience. Through continuous investment in research and development, Corning works closely with customers to overcome severe technical challenges and constantly change people's lives. As Wei Wende, chairman and CEO of Corning,rotary vacuum evaporator, said, "This is a company that really makes positive changes in the world.". We expect Corning to bring you more surprises and innovations to make the chemical industry more beautiful and the world more exciting. Corning's new reactor technology, Bring warmth to your winter Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.